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I Never Thought....

I never thought that I would find myself at the end of this stick.

I am a hard working mother who always gives to those that are in need, even if it means that I give them my last dollar. I serve as a child advocate for children with Autism. For as you can imagine my son is Autistic. I give help and advice for those in my community but now I am without a job and trying to pay this months rent and I don't see how I will be able to since my son is scheduled for surgery this March 26 and I feel like I am slowly sinking deeper and deeper into this hole. I would love some help and I am more than willing to payback what ever money is sent/lent to me. Please help. Sorry for taking so much of your time.

Talk to Mycrazychefs


Serve as a child advocate.

Help others even when I'm down to my last dollar.

I know how hard it is to deal with the task of a special needs child.

Will help out in return.

Talk to Mycrazychefs